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Bearing Fruit, much fruit - Word for 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In 2020 you are going to see yourself in a totally different way as you continue to see yourself in light of the Word that the Lord has given to us. The Word He has given us is really special and you ought to be excited about it. My prayer is that we continually see that we are a body and not physical. What we have is spiritual. What we have is not man-made. When you do not fully acknowledge and appreciate what the Lord has brought around, it is very easy for it to be taken from you. No one can steal from you what you know for sure is yours. They always steal things that you doubt; things that you are not very persuaded about. They are the things that very easily are washed ashore. At times I meet someone who carries something but because they themselves do not know what they are; they are taken for a ride by people, relatives and devils.

Be persuaded that He that begun the good work in you shall accomplish it (Philippians 1:6). In other words shall mature it. I am persuaded that He that begun a good work in you shall mature it. It shall be brought to its maturity. Your maturity in that area will become accomplished by He that started it. He that has started this year is Spirit and what is Spirit cannot go down.

When God has started something in your life, sometimes even you yourself may try to be a stumbling block to you. I thank God that a time comes when you are taken out of the equation and that is this year. Thank God that this year your own causes are taken out of the occasion. Thank God that your failings are not considered this year. Grace upon grace upon grace will cover us this year.

These things have been said that when you see them. you will stand firm in the Word and when you see them, you will know that He knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). Now, this is the Word of the Lord concerning us. My father Prophet Elvis Mbonye gave us a word, he said, A GREAT DOOR, AN EFFECTUAL IS OPEN UNTO ME (1 Corinthians 16:9). If you discern you will know that it is not far from what the Lord gave my spiritual father so that you can use it in defining moments as well.

Write it, carry it along and your life will never be the same. How this word came to me, I was caught up and I saw a being who was holding a very big cluster of grapes. And he picked one grape which was purple in colour and while he was going to eat it, I woke up and I heard – BEARING FRUIT AND MUCH FRUIT.

You will bear fruit and not just little - much fruit. Doors will be open, effective doors for you. And when these doors are open you will bear fruit and much much fruit. Glory to God. This word begins to be effective immediately. Now in the name of Jesus, Father I thank you for you have called us. Thank you, Father, for the doors you have opened for us. We give you glory Father in Jesus name. The Word of the Lord is glorious, it is beautiful for us. Glory to God and God is on our side. This message is to usher you into 2020. Be blessed.

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