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  • Prophet Namara Ernest

A new dimension of prayer

The first time I ever saw an angel physically was in 2012 when I was assigned the angel of prayer. I was not half asleep or half awake and it was not a dream, trance or a vision. Prior to that satan had attacked me so many times to literally kill me. One night, I was in my room and he appeared. It was the scariest thing, the aura of fear and evil that came from him, I just knew I was doomed. However I called upon the name of the Lord and lightning struck it through my window then it disappeared and turned into a small demonic being that had a tail, then it started running around my room. I called upon the name of the Lord and lightning struck it again then everything cleared.

The night after that, at around 3 am in the morning, the angel of prayer came into the room, he touched me 3 times to wake me up and because I was sleepy, I refused to wake up the first time. I had spoken to myself that I would wake up at 3 am to pray but when it was 3 am, I just refused to get out of bed. I felt someone touch me on my back, I knew I was alone in the house however I was used to seeing demonic and angelic entities and having all sorts of spiritual activity around me. I turned to see who it was that was disturbing me and suddenly felt the love that was in the room, I could feel and touch it. It was more than anything one could ever ask for. He was standing there, so big, majestic, kind, good looking and solid that I could touch him. He was not some mystical being like new age people teach that angels are thoughts.

Angels are not thoughts, they are beings. This angel was sent to usher me in prayer and I can’t forget his smile up to now, love was oozing through him. He did not open his mouth but we spoke. He told me to wake up and pray. I first rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not asleep, I asked, ‘am I sleeping?’ Then he smiled and said, ‘No, wake up and pray,’ I kept looking at him and he said, ‘I’m the angel of prayer, you wake up and pray’, then I got up. I was looking at him and I was awestruck, I then got this knowing that the Lord loves me and that I’m beyond anything. I woke up and the moment I started praying, he vanished. From that day my prayer life went to another level. Prior to that experience, I used to have ordinary prayers that did not yield results. It was like I had been ushered into a new dimension of prayer which I could not explain but I would get results.

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