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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It is very important to realize that every man has a season in their lives when they come in direct contact with their destiny and their light. There is something that the Spirit of God opened up in my life about five years ago and I’ve always known it and seen it whenever it approaches the month of February through March and the beginning of April. In this month of February and March; instructions will be given, visitations will be had and the hand of God will reach you. It is a special time so do not take it lightly. Do not treat whatever around you as a gamble and do not treat things light. When God is in charge of your life, this month of February and the next month of March will have supernatural activity and provisions.

I have seen the level of angelic activity around my life increase in those months. And when I sought for the revelation of the Spirit, He spoke to me and said, “there is an appointed season for every man that I send. In other seasons I will move and in those seasons I will visit my sons. In other seasons my sons may visit me. But in that time just like I had time with my man Adam while I walked the gardens to see him, that principle has not yet been eroded. I have a season in the life of every man and in that season I visit him, I fellowship with him and make certain his course”.

And so as He started speaking this to me, I started preparing for this season. I saw what He did in 2019 at the same time. I’ve seen what He has done for five consecutive years and this time I am sharing this with you so that you do not miss out because when He is here for me, He is here for you as well.

Let your hearts be expectant and know that this time is a special time. It’s an appointed time of the Father in your life and in my life that we will see the glory of God as it happens in my course and in my life year after year since he set me on this course. I pray for you that it may be your experience as well. There are things you will experience if you get to this place; there are things you will experience in the night and in the morning you will wake up and they will be so. Whatever the Lord speaks to your heart, be quick to do in this season. Whatever the Lord speaks to your heart in these two months be quick to do and you will see the hand of God cause things to appear and be created. When the Word of God comes like this, it is for a few people who will catch it and I pray that you are one of those people.

I pray for you that in these two months of February and March, you shall be open to this level. Be open to this level and this place. Don’t allow distractions; be caught up in this place. Move at the same pace as the Spirit of God. Know that we have been set on a course. Do not look left or right. This time our eyes shall behold His glory. If we see it like Elisha saw it then what you request shall be handed to you. If you can see it, it shall be yours as well (2 Kings 2:10 KJV)

Now I part the waters that are before you, every hindrance that is before you, I lay it bare by the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I part the waters, side to side. Your enemies will not locate you as you move to your promised land, as you move to your promised place in the name of Jesus. I pray for you that every idea that is not of God, let that idea be taken out and let every idea that is of God be planted now. Every effect of the kingdom of darkness be reversed. I reverse every negative course and by the Spirit, you are set on the right path. Every working of the god of this world be exposed and be removed in the name of Jesus. I pray for you that your ears will listen to the right words, every word that does not bring glory to God be removed. Every word that comes to you in the form of deception, that word will not be planted in your heart, that word will be uprooted by the Spirit in the name of Jesus. I pray for you that your heart will see truth and light, deception will be far from you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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