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About Prophet Namara Ernest


The Lord Jesus appeared to and instructed Prophet Namara Ernest to demonstrate ‘The Assembly of the Firstborn’ (Hebrews 12:22-23).

Prophet Namara Ernest Ministries began as a fellowship in Kampala known as Firstborn Fellowship on February 17th, 2015 to usher the children of God into a family where Jesus is the Firstborn. Unique to the ministry, is the grace to not only share but impart the reality about the supernatural realm of God. At Prophet Namara Ernest Ministries, we are moving to a place where the anointing and prosperity of the Lord is at its peak with people walking in the supernatural without excuse.  

Prophet Namara Ernest is called to the office of the Prophet and he operates in the prophetic after the order of Prophet Elijah. Prophet Namara Ernest’s walk with the Lord started at the age of 3 years. and that is when he got into an intimate relationship with God. Later on his life, on December 20th 1998, he made a public confession of giving his life to Christ

His commission began in 2012 when the Lord clearly spoke to him about ministry however he was not directed exactly on what to do until later on June 24th 2014 when he received confirmation from his spiritual father Prophet Elvis Mbonye in regard to exactly his mission was about. He had known his commission from the Lord for a while but he needed a higher vessel with authority to confirm that this was of God. On February 2nd 2016, the Lord equipped him with weapons of power.

In 2016, Prophet Namara Ernest was on radio with the Spirit World program that gave birth to the Spirit World Documentary that aired 2017/2018 on NTV Uganda. On December 9th 2019, the Spirit World program hit Uganda's airwaves on 96.6 Spirit FM and is currently impacting lives.

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